Extreme Support

IOTI’s depth of support, technical capabilities and commitment to extreme customer service extends far beyond the surface. With an experienced team of engineers, implementation technicians, support staff and vendors, an IOTI team member is always available to assist with any need you may have.

Our warranty and support commitments are unmatched in the pipe organ industry. First, we support you every step of the way during the design and installation process. As you are near completion of the installation one of our principals will come to your shop or job site to perform initial testing and turn-up of the system, while training your staff on the system’s operations and features.

Even before you receive the system hardware, IOTI performs exhaustive functional testing based on the specifications you provide. We have a full organ and console duplicator that allows us to test every aspect of the system and software as configured for your specific project.

IOTI warrants our hardware for 10 years and provides a 25-year supportability commitment. What that means is, if for some reason IOTI cannot provide direct replacement hardware for an installed system, we will replace any portion or the entire system if required. Our architecture is designed for easy circuit board replacement when needed, whether for upgrades or repairs. All of our input and output wiring is through five choices of wiring panels eliminating the need to handle wires or connectors beyond the initial installation—just plug and play. IOTI has two stocking warehouse facilities (Atlanta and Tampa areas) ensuring the ability to ship replacement parts if the need arises.

We believe in responsive customer service and back that up by providing our cell phone numbers to all of our customers, ensuring true 24/7 access for assistance.

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